My Story 


My name is Taylor Warren, I am from a small city called Camden in South Carolina, I currently reside in Charlotte, NC . I am a certified life coach, event host , pageant queen, plus size influencer and mental health advocate. Growing up I dealt with a great deal of criticism for not being a size 2. I started dealing with depression and anxiety. I did not feel beautiful , sometimes I felt worthless. I did not see the point of even caring to really get "cute" because in my mind I felt like no matter how "cute" I really looked nobody would look past the fact that I was " FAT"! My freshman year of college my self esteem was very low. I was in a whole new city, living a different life. As I would walk around campus I noticed just about everyone was skinny. I really did not interact much or want to go out because I felt ugly. I spent most weekends going back home to Camden. My second and third year in College were a lot better I made friends who helped boost my self -esteem. As I grow older I realize that you do not have to be a size two to be beautiful, everyone is beautiful for who they are as a person. One thing that has stuck with me over the years is when the actress/comedian Mo'Nique used Fabulous and Thick as an acronym for the word FAT.  Plus size women rock. I also ended up getting diagnosed with depression and anxiety, something else I wanted to hide from the world. I recently learned that it is okay to not be okay. So many people suffer from the same things I do. I want to be vocal about some of the things I deal with so maybe my experiences may help someone else. I just want to pass my story along to other young women and men who have dealt with, or are dealing with the same thing as me. So many people deal with things alone because they feel like no one can relate to them, when its a whole world of people going through the same exact thing.  You have to learn to love yourself for who you are first and everything else will fall into place.