Makeup and Lashes have been added !

So, I accomplished one of my many goals . For over a year or so I’ve been talking about wanting to be a makeup artist. Everyone always complements me on my make up and stuff but I wasn’t sure if that was something worth pursuing . So I had a conversation with my mom and sis was not gone stop until I took the class . Lol I appreciate her for pushing me and believing in me . So I took my makeup training course as well as my Lash Tech course . The lashes was something I honestly never thought about doing but I’m glad I did it . Y’all my faith was tested so many time today .. I definitely was ready to walk out and say you know what this is not for me and go back home . But I stuck it out and I’m glad I did ! ❤️ Thank you to everyone for the love and support . I am expanding my brand TaylorNycole ... ya never know what’s coming next so be on the look out .

Thank you @atlfavmuaandeyelashpro for the class for being so patient , loving and supportive! I appreciate you !