Self Love

The world today has set these high beauty standards that we as women feel like we have to live up to. I fall victim to feeling the need to live up to these beauty standards as well. I have natural course hair , that I hated up until recently . The long " bundles" is what is in now and everyone is wearing them. For years I would NEVER wear my natural hair out I would constantly wear weaves and braids because I felt like I looked ugly with my real hair. The makeup market is booming more than ever right now. Almost every female feels the need to have a "beat" face 24/7. I reached a point where I will not leave the house unless I had makeup on. The "beat" face and "inches" that's what society calls beautiful nowadays . We have gotten so wrapped up in the beauty enhancers that we sometimes forget what natural beauty is. I made this video to simply say sometimes we need to take off all the makeup and take out the weave and simply love our natural selves. We all have flaws that we have to learn how to embrace and love. Loving our flaws is simply a part of loving ourselves. The song playing in the back is Naked by Ella Mai .