Addicted to Pain

One thing I have witnessed is that we sometimes get addicted to pain, addicted to the struggle. I know it may sound weird but it’s the truth, I have found myself addicted to the pain as well. In life we all reach a point where we want give up because we feel like it is not going to get any better. I know that “bad things” happen in life and sometimes they happen back to back and we become discouraged. We sometimes find ourselves in slumps where we get used to all the negative and constantly expect the worst and unintentionally, we become okay with it. We settle for where we are in life instead of keeping the faith and knowing that better days are coming. Yes, “bad things” are going to happen, it is a part of life. Everything that we are going through is working for our good. We go through everything for a reason, the good, the bad and, the ugly. Instead of feeling like we are stuck where we are, we have to learn how to keep our heads up because trouble does not last always joy will come in the morning. We also get addicted to pain when it comes to dealing with people as well. We have all encountered people who we thought would be apart of our lives forever whether it is friends, family, or significant others, and their time in our lives was cut short. I know that over the years I have had to let go of some people I thought would be in my life forever, and yes it hurt. James Fortune said in his song Live Through It “Someone you love may have just let you down It's not the end of the world, God already knew everyone who would leave you, It's better this way. Don't beg them to stay you didn't see it coming and now you feel broken.” This verse spoke to me. Everyone is not meant to be in our lives forever, God places people in our life for a season and a reason. Even though it may hurt we have to take it for what it is and continue to trust God. We also cannot make the new people in our lives pay for the past mistakes just because we are scared. I know I am one for shutting good people out because I am scared to hurt again. I have learned that I will end up lonely if I continue down that path. I pray every day for God to send me people who are for me and who know him. We have to learn how to turn our fear into faith. God has us go through things for a season and a reason to prepare us for another chapter in our lives. So, I know that we all get to points in our life where we feel like its hard to see the good in the bad, but I am here to tell you that there is always a blessing in the storm. Keep praying and leaning on God he will come through when you least expected with more than what you think you lost. So like James Fortune says, Live through, grow through it, pray through it. Your current situation is NOT your final destination, don’t get addicted to the pain.

Taylor Nycole