One Year Anniversary

10.24.2017 , 1 year ago today . One year ago today I took a MAJOR step and released, TaylorNycole the brand . I had a few ideas about what I wanted to do but I wasn’t exactly sure. Over the past year I have stepped out of my comfort zone more than I could have ever imagined . I started my blog site , started modeling and started a T-shirt line all in one year . I can definitely say it was NOT easy . I wanted to give up every other week but my support system would not let me . I have inspired more people than I could think of , the uplifting emails , text messages, phone calls and inboxes bring me more joy than I can explain. I have learned a lot of this past year , a lot of do’s and a lot of do nots . I wouldn’t have done anything any other way . I want to say thank you to EVERYONE who has supported me and who continues to support me . A special thank you to the ones that still stick by me through my mishaps , breakdowns , and everything else . A special thank you to my parents Kim Taylor Warren and Thoyd Warren , they are truly my number one fans ! Any idea i get they have stood by me no matter what and I wouldn’t have gotten this far without you guys ! I really just thank God for the opportunity he has given me and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next ! So with that being said HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY TO TAYLORNYCOLE.COM! Make you subscribe and share with a friend. I have so much up my sleeve so stay tuned! ❤️