World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day. Mental health and mental illness is something that is not talked about enough . Around 450 million people around the world suffer from mental illnesses . Mental illness definitely gets downplayed a lot so people do not like to admit that they have one. It often gets taken as a joke . After being diagnosed with depression and anxiety , more than once , and being in denial, I finally decided to take it for what it was and work on my mental health . Over a year ago I started sharing my experiences with the world in hopes to help others . A lot of people are scared to admit they have a mental illness because they are scared of what people might say or they are embarrassed . I am here to tell you , it is OKAY to not be okay . Sometimes you have to take personal days and spend time alone so you can regroup. Everyone has ways of dealing with their mental illness. Find what works for you and take care of yourself. Mental health is VERY important. Even if you do not have a mental illness educate yourself on the topic , you never know who around you is suffering. If someone you love comes to you and needs to talk , take the time to listen , trust me it makes a difference. Sometimes people are like me and do not like to “bother” people with their problems, if you know a person like that check on them from time to time . We have to break the stigma . Talk about mental health .