Nervous by: Zane (Book Review)

One of my co-workers recommended this book to me, I finished it in two days so needless to say I loved the book. I am really big on mental health awareness so this book was right up my ally. The book is about a young lady by the name of Jonquinette who suffered from MPD ( Multiple Personality disorder). In her childhood she was always accused of things by friends and family but she could not understand why because she could not remember doing those things. Jon, the name she goes by, had to other people living inside of her by the names of Jude and Jetta. Jon would suffer from blackouts and that is when Jude would takeover, Jetta really never showed up. Jude was totally different from Jon, when Jude would come out she was would make irrational decisions, but she thought she was helping Jon and not harming her. Jon ended up seeking help and that is when she learned about Jude and Jetta. This story really touched me because MPD is something that is REAL. Jon's mother was in denial her whole life basically and did not see the need for her to receive help. So many cases of MPD and other mental illnesses go untreated because families and victims are in denial or embarrassed. I would recommend this book to anyone who has a mental illness or know anyone who suffers from one.