Nad's Bikini and Underarm Wax Strips Review

I love to try new products. I was in Ulta the other day and ran across the Nad's Bikini and Underarm Wax Strips. I instantly got excited and purchased the strips to test out for an alternative to shaving . My best-friend Precious always says "I have never seen anybody who wants to experiment all the time". The instructions to the strips are pretty self-explanatory. The Nad's WORK, I mean work like heck, they pull the hair up from the root. Even though the strips work they are very painful and a little messy. The box gives you oil wipes but i would recommend having baby oil handy because that is the only way to get the gunk from the wax strips off. After using , all areas were smooth. I would recommend this product if you do not mind the pain, the pain was worth the end result.