Big Girls VS. Everybody

I have been getting a lot of positive feedback on my Big Girls VS. Everybody T-Shirts so I wanted to elaborate on why I decided to come up with these shirts. Sometimes I think people do not realize how much heck a plus size woman gets. Someone always has something to say about big girls and most of it is negative. Then its the notorious comment "she's pretty for a big girl", which by the way is not a compliment because SIZE DOES NOT DEFINE BEAUTY, we are pretty period, not "pretty for a big girl". I visit a lot of plus size blogger sites and they sell T-Shirts so I started thinking about a shirt that I could relate to that nobody had come up with and I came up with Big Girls VS. Everybody. I want plus size women to know that they are beautiful and to embrace their bodies and to love themselves.

"Love yourself girl or nobody will" - J-COLE