Life is not a race .. have a little faith

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen" 

" life is not a race, it is a journey" 

I have recently realize that your twenties,  especially your early 20s ,is the time to grow and find yourself. Your 20s is a time to find out what makes you happy and find out who you really are. It is certainly okay for you not to have it all together right now. I know I personally reached a point where I just gave up, I just didn't care anymore things were not and still are not the way I imagined them to be . Even though my family and my close friends love to reassure me that is OK and that I have it all together right now,  it still did not change the way I felt. We all, well at least we all should we have goals set in place for where we want to be in our lives. Life is not a race,  we can't compare ourselves to others around us everyone grows at a different pace. Some of the most successful people have had a late start in their career; Oprah is one of them. We all just need to have faith, faith that things will work out and just believe and trust in the Lord. The faith of a mustard seed goes  a long way so don't just get discouraged and give up we have to have faith and keep the faith. Things will work out remember life is not a race sometimes it may take a little longer than others and it doesn't mean that you're a failure or any less than anybody else. Do not let anyone's opinion on your goals or dreams stop you from working towards them. We aren't living for anyone else except ourselves. We have to let go of the negative energy and those toxic people in our lives in order to grown and to get to where we would like to be. The people that we let in our circle can stunt our growth. I am just realize that. I did a video not to long ago about falling in love with the potential in people. Certain people god removes from our lives because where is taking us next , those people can't go. Even though letting go is hard we have to sometimes or we will be stuck in the same place we are trunk to get out of . It is nothing like a positive support system , people that are 1000 percent FOR YOU. So if you want to be the next big Ronald McDonald , your circle needs to support you so you can be the BEST one there is. Don't lower your standards or step back from dream chasing because you want to please others , we have one life to live so live it up the way YOU want to and screw what anybody has to say. Keep your head up and continue to follow those dreams that you have and continue to work hard it will all pay off in the end so don't get discouraged. In the words of Jaheim NEVR G I V E U P & keep ya H E A D U P.

- Taylor Nycole ✨❤️