Journey to Adult Taylor.......

Growing up is not easy and lately I have realized that. On the journey to adulthood things change tremendously , more than we can ever imagine. We take on so many more responsibilities than we can sometimes handle. I had a breakdown in Walmart the other week and called my mom all upset as I was shopping for underwear. It wasn't the fact that I didn't know how to pick them out I was just frustrated. I had been "adulting" all morning long and I was just over it . My mom informed me that everything would be okay and that I'm not going to stop growing up so I gotta take it Day by day. Over the past couple months I have realized so much. I realized that communication is a key factor in life . Wether it is at work, between friends, relationships, or family ; we have to learn to communicate. Miscommunication causes more drama than needed. I've learned to listen to understand and just not to respond. I take constructive criticism a lot better than I use to, I'm not always right. Also, so many situations in my life have changed. I had to cut ties with some people who I never wanted to cut ties with. It hurt, but I realized that we out grow certain people and situations and it's okay. At this age we need to let go of toxic situations and people and build healthy ones. I finally opened up and made some new friends and engaged in some support groups I never would have engaged in before. I have been taking steps to achieve my dreams . I realized that just because it's taking me longer than most to achieve what I want that I am NOT a failure. Im on a journey to find myself and be the best Taylor I can be. ❤️😌

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