Friends make living in this crazy world so much better. You have so many exhilarating experiences together . You laugh and cry together. You make memories to last a lifetime . Friendships are not always easy however; as you grow up you learn who your real friends are. You learn who really has your back . In a friendship or a relationship , effort, communication , and trust are required. Everyone has to go through the stage of figuring out what is real and what's not. I'm 21 years old and I'm really just figuring out . My friends and I all have argued and fought at some point and that's normal. It's the way we bounced back that's how I knew we were meant to be friends. The effort has to be equal , you both have to value the friendship equally or it will never work. Stubbornness ends a majority of friendship. So sometimes you have to be able to put your pride aside and say you know what I was wrong . Never make your friends feel alone, always have their back . Support them in whatever they want to do! If their goal in life is to be a clown , cheer them on to be the BEST damn clown there is . Go to clown conventions with them and all lol. Trust is a big factor . If there is no trust there is nothing . When you tell your friend something you expect to never here it agin . Communication is key, you must communicate with each other. If you're sad , mad , annoyed ; let the other person know . Miscommunications destroy friendships. No friendship will be easy . You will fall out and disagree. People will try to come between y'all. But at some point you have to figure out for yourself if your friendship is worth the fight . Breaking up" with a friend hurts more than a break up with a significant other. Real friends are hard to come by so when you find one value it.

"There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship."- Thomas Aquinas