Dream Chasing

   Sometimes I wonder , what is my purpose in life , what am I supposed to be doing , what does god have in store for me.

    Lately I have been feeling like I haven't been really living my life to the fullest . I feel like that it is just sooo much more I should and could be doing. Before my auntie Ludell passed away , we had so many talks about the different places around the world she had been. She told me it's so much out there I need to see , so much I need to experience. Lately I have been reflecting on these conversations and she is so right. It's so much I haven't done and seen. It's some historic places in my home state I haven't even seen. I want to start going and doing and seeing more . Even if it's just taking a 3 hour drive to another state to visit a park or something. When I look back over my life it is not much I can say I have done and I want to change that.

    I have so many dreams in life and I haven't made many steps to fulfill them . I want to go out and meet people with the same dreams as me and mingle , help each other build. One of my dreams is being a plus size model. They have a ton of conferences and events going on all the time, giving me a chance to meet people in that industry. I don't ever go because I'm nervous or because I don't have anybody to go with me. I've realized that nobody is going to support me like how I can support me so if I keep sitting and waiting around on somebody to do stuff with me or for me, I'll never achieve my goal.

        I don't want to sit around and wait for things to come my way , I'm going to go see the world and chase my dreams . ❤️