Adult/Youth Empowerment & Mental Health Coach

Taylor Warren, better known as Taylor Nycole, is an event host, blogger, model, Certified NAMI Ending the Silence presenter, Certified Life Coach, and the CEO of Taylor Nycole Beauty.  Starting life in Camden, South Carolina, she grew up dealing with a great deal of criticism because of her size. She was always called "One of the heavy set girls".  As she grew older, she realized that you do not have to be a size two to be beautiful, everyone is beautiful for who they are as a person. After being diagnosed with depression and anxiety, she wanted to hide from the world. Over the past few years, her life evolved and she embraced the mantra, “It is okay to not be okay". Taylor has allowed life’s challenges to propel her into greater. She dispels myths against mental illness as a NAMI Ending the Silence Presenter, and takes individuals on paths of greatness as a Certified Life Coach. Being vocal about her lived experience provides a sense of hope and encouragement for others. Her brand, Taylor Nycole, which launched in October of 2017, brings life to her voice. She is an avid advocate for mental health and body positivity. As a Certified Life Coach, Brand Owner, and NAMI presenter, she lives life as she inspires, motivates and encourages others.Find out more about Taylor at: Verification:“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength “ – Philippians 4:13